VIDEO: The top 5 triggered campus liberals of 2017

  • If 2017 will be remembered for one thing in particular, it might be for all of the craziness that engulfed college campuses around the nation.
  • The Campus Reform staff has selected our five favorite episodes of the past year and compiled them into a single video for your viewing pleasure.

If 2017 will be remembered for one thing in particular, it might be for all of the craziness that engulfed college campuses around the nation.

Whether it was safe spaces and trigger warnings, or gender neutral bathrooms and Antifa riots, liberal bias at our colleges and universities may have reached an all time high this year.

So much happened in the past 365 days that it may be hard for you to remember it all. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a helpful video featuring the Top 5 Triggered Campus Liberals in 2017, with more detailed descriptions of the stories below.

#5: Angry Student Steals MAGA Hat

A student at the University of California, Riverside stole the “Make America Great Again” hat off the head of a conservative student, refusing to give it back because it represented “genocide”. Watch what happened when the school administrators arrived...

#4: Professor Assaults Conservative Students

A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested after assaulting conservative students on campus during an anti-Trump rally. After challenging the students to a fight, the professor then charges at them and knocks one student’s phone out of his hand.

#3: Coffee Shop Staff Kick Conservative Students Out

At Fordham University, a student-run coffee shop tried to evict a group of conservative students because they were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and Donald Trump campaign clothing. Citing the coffee shop as a “safe space,” the staff member told the students they must leave because they were making other students uncomfortable with their presence.

#2: Masked Protester Arrested For Vandalizing Pro-Life Display

A student at Portland State University was arrested after masking his face with panty hose and dousing a pro-life display on campus with paint.

#1: Student Screams At The Sky Over Trump Sign On Campus

One student at Western Washington University was unsure how to react over the presence of a Donald Trump sign on her campus, so she reacted by…screaming aimlessly at the sky. Other students rushed over to see if she was hurt, but it was to no avail, as the only thing hurt was her fragile snowflake spirit.

Think we missed someone? Leave a comment below with your favorite triggered campus liberal of 2017!

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