GWU promotes prof's partisan Twitter feed bashing GOP, Kavanaugh

  • A George Washington University "public affairs" professor called Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh a "rapey prep school douchebag."
  • The professor made the comment on his Twitter profile, which is promoted by the college.

A professor of media and public affairs at George Washington University acknowledged Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s birthday recently by calling him a “rapey prep school douchebag."

Sean Aday has taught at George Washington for 20 years and “directed GW’s Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication and its Global Communication M.A. program” for the better part of a decade, according to the school. In addition to teaching, he also provides frequent left-leaning political commentary via his Twitter account, which the school promotes on Aday's faculty profile on its website.

"Appropriate that the picture here makes him look just like the rapey prep school douchebag that he is"   

This commentary included a birthday message to Kavanaugh on February 12. Aday retweeted reporter Kimberly Robinson’s happy birthday message to the Justice, with his own opinionated addition.

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"Appropriate that the picture here makes him look just like the rapey prep school douchebag that he is," Aday tweeted. 

This tweet is not alone, however, in expressing the professor’s vitriol toward conservatives. 

Since Kavanaugh’s birthday, Aday has made several other politically motivated statements. 

The next day, he criticized other GOP judicial appointments as “ludicrously unqualified partisan hacks.”


He also tweeted about Rush Limbaugh, claiming that the radio host must be sexually inadequate because the commentator believes “America’s still not ready to elect a gay guy...” 


This “really speaks volumes about Rush’s sexual inadequacy and insecurity,” the professor surmised, before declaring that President Donald Trump is “a rapist who even consensual partners describe as comically endowed and unsatisfying.”

Aday’s Twitter bio does specify that his “tweets are his views, not GWU’s.” His Twitter account is also advertised near the top of his staff profile on the GW website. Aday also includes his official GWU faculty bio link on his Twitter profile.

In addition to speaking negatively about conservatives on social media, Aday has also published academic material claiming “that scholars should consider Fox as alternative, rather than mainstream, media” because it was too friendly to Republicans during the Iraq war. 

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Campus Reform reached out to Aday and GWU but neither responded in time for publication. 

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