Scalia Law School students demand special scholarships for 'Black students and students of color'

  • The Student Bar Association of George Mason University Antonin Scalia School of Law issued a letter to the administration and student body with multiple demands.
  • Conservatives groups were allegedly excluded from the conversation, with SBA claiming that it was "unable" to contact them.

The Black Lives Matter movement's leftist agenda has made its way into a prominent law school named for one of the most conservative Supreme Court justices in modern history.

The Student Bar Association at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University issued a letter asking the administration to meet the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to Legal Insurrection. Specifically, the students demanded the school establish funds specifically for speakers who have “intersectional identities.”

“We are calling for you to unequivocally stand among other leaders and acknowledge that Black Lives Matter."   

The George Mason Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government organization of the law school focused on “supporting and encouraging academic excellence and professional growth among members of the law student community." 

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“We are calling for you to unequivocally stand among other leaders and acknowledge that Black Lives Matter,” the letter, addressed to Scalia Law School Dean Henry Butler, begins. The letter asks the administration to establish a Director of Diversity Services to conduct outreach to diversity organizations on campus and to provide “full-tuition merit scholarships to diverse candidates, particularly for Black students and all students of color, with good standing as the only requirement for renewal." It also proposes that the school provides separate funding “to student organizations representing diverse communities” so that they can “host speakers of intersectional identities.”

The letter asks the university administration to hold a monthly forum to discuss concerns around “racism and other diversity and inclusion issues” which must be attended by the dean, administrators, and faculty members.

“The next generation of lawyers must work to dismantle systemic racism in this country and you are responsible for leading them,” the letter adds.

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The SBA allegedly excluded conservative student organizations at George Mason from partaking in the discussion surrounding the letter, according toLegal Insurrection, claiming it was “unable” to contact such groups. Conservative organizations were unaware the letter was even sent, although the SBA is meant to represent the full spectrum of the student body. 

The Student Bar Association at George Mason did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment in time of publication.

The President of George Mason Law Democrats did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment in time of publication.

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