UCSF sponsoring abortionist fellowships at 30 colleges

The University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) is sponsoring abortionist positions at 30 colleges across the United States, according to a recent call for applicants.

The Fellowship in Family Planning is a fully-funded fellowship that educates doctors on how to “ensure that quality abortion and contraception are valued as core essential components of women’s health,” according to the program’s website. 

Each fellow will be assigned to work at one of 30 colleges, where they will gain training in “all methods of pregnancy termination,” as well as “anesthesia and pain control” and “treatment of complications.”

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Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Utah are among the institutions that have agreed to host a fellow thus far, though the fellowship encourages interested doctors to apply up until the May 31 deadline. 

The UCSF website touts the program as an excellent opportunity, saying fellows will “graduate with preparation to conduct family planning research, teach evidence-based medicine, and become leaders in national or international family planning.” 

Fellows receive a $65,000-67,000 annual salary, per UCSF internal guidelines, as well as the ability to earn a fully-funded Masters degree and obtain additional funding for research, travel, and continuing education. 

“Post-fellowship assistance with job placement and salary support for two years post-fellowship are also standard,” the fellowship’s website notes. 

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Matt Lamb, the press officer of Students for Life—an organization of pro-life college students boasting more than 1,200 chapters nationwide—suggested that the fellowship’s insistence on “family planning” is misleading. 

"Family planning, like reproductive justice, has become a euphemism for abortion and abortifacient drugs,” Lamb told Campus Reform

“This fellowship position also raises the question of why a taxpayer-funded school is funding fellowships at other universities across the country,” he added.

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The fellowship is sponsored by the UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, which was founded 19 years ago to facilitate research on pregnancy, childbirth, reproductive health issues, abortion, HIV, and contraception. 

The center’s website notes its involvement in pioneering new methods of abortion, expanding the ranks of doctors specializing in abortion, and bolstering awareness of the positive impact of abortion on women’s lives.   

The center also boasts of its work leading to a change in California law that allows physician assistants and nurse practitioners to perform early abortions, which typically refers to abortions performed up to nine weeks after the start of a pregnancy. 

Campus Reform reached out to both UCSF and the Bixby Center for more information on how the Family Planning Fellowship is funded, but did not receive a response despite repeated requests.

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