NC State vice chancellor steps down after tweets calling Republicans 'KKK' members, 'neo-nazis' surface

North Carolina State University announced Thursday that its vice chancellor has resigned.

The resignation came the same day the college republicans chapter called for his "immediate resignation."

North Carolina State University Vice-Chancellor Mike Mullen has stepped down after the North Carolina State College Republicans called for his “immediate resignation” over a May 2018 tweet in which he called Republicans “neo-nazis," “KKK" members, and "alt-right crazies."

A university spokesman confirmed Mullen’s resignation to Campus Reform Thursday night. 

“Dr. Mike Mullen has resigned from his position as Vice-Chancellor and Dean for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. His last day in the office is Friday, August 16. An interim replacement will be announced soon," the spokesperson said.

While Dr. Mullen is stepping down from his position as Vice-Chancellor and Dean for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, he is not completely leaving the university and is “planning on returning to the faculty in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,” according to the spokesperson.

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In another tweet, Mullen reportedly said “Sitting in the Renaissance lounge, working, listening to three redneck businessmen discussing democratic mobs and violence. Lots of coded language. #bloodboiling.”

Separately, Mullen has suggested using executive order to eliminate the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“Let’s use Executive Order to nullify the 2nd. Get guns off the streets. Period. Heck Lindsey, lets just throw the constitution out and impose a dictatorship,” he tweeted in response to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). 

The resignation comes on the same day that the North Carolina State College Republicans released a statement requesting Dr.Mullen’s “immediate resignation” because of “his continued insolence and insulting rhetoric.”

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“This is the second instance in which Mr. Mullen has spewed hurtful rhetoric on his official university account,” the statement reads. “In November of 2018, Mr. Mullen referred to three visitors of NC State on Twitter as “rednecks” in a derogatory fashion. This is an insult to the farmers and rural communities across the state and disrespectful to our university’s long agricultural history."

Mullen's Twitter account appears to no longer be active.

"CR's is pleased with the result and glad to see that civility is not dead on our campus," N.C. State College Republicans chairman Connor Paszko told Campus Reform. "We hope that the university will keep a closer eye on things like this in the future to protect the whole of the student body. We also hope that his replacement will conduct themself [sic] in a more respectful manner than their predecessor." 

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