EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dave Rubin to students: 'You must stand up now'

Campus Reform interviewed Dave Rubin at a recent Turning Point USA conference.

Rubin encouraged students to speak up for their beliefs on campus, and also touted his new platform, Locals.com.

Political commentator and host of The Rubin Report recently spoke to Campus Reform’s Eduardo Neret at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Rubin spoke to Neret about the rise of conservative activism among young students and the divide between the left and the right on campus. 

“There is a rebirth of an American spirit, and it’s happening from young people and that is so cool,” Rubin said of young conservatives. 

“When I go to schools, what I’m starting to see is three years ago there was a lot more fear there. And there is still a lot of fear. There’s a lot of you guys that are still afraid to say what you think and all of those things, but the cracks are starting to show.”

Rubin also slammed “progressive woke-ism” that has become rampant on college campuses.

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“I think woke-ism is starting to become a joke amongst younger people,” Rubin said. “That’s great and we just gotta keep pushing...don’t get complacent, don’t take the foot off the peddle right now.” 

Rubin also celebrated the way he is treated by many conservatives, despite the differences he may have with them. 

“If [progressives] can find one thing that they disagree with you on, you’re the bad guy,” Rubin added. “And that’s actually the reverse of what’s happening on the right. So for example, you know that I have some differences with conservatives on some things and yet, I’m welcomed [at conservative conferences]. 

“On the left, if you have one thing that you disagree with them on...you’re gone. You’re evil. You’re a bad guy,” Rubin also said. 

Neret also asked Rubin why campuses and young Americans have become so intolerant. Citing comedian Adam Carolla, Rubin blamed “an entire generation of young people” who have been told that “they can never lose, that they should never be offended, that we give out participation trophies to everybody and the rest of it.”

Rubin encouraged young conservative students to “be a little better” than the progressive left. 

“It doesn’t take that much to be a little bit better than them because they’re so hysterical, they’re so outraged...that’s not a fun way to live.” 

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When Neret asked Rubin if students should be willing to speak out on campuses and in classrooms, Rubin did not equivocate. 

“You must stand up now because you will never be braver than you are right now,” Rubin stressed. “You’re 19, 20, 21 [years old]. You’re in college. You don't even know what mistakes are yet.”

“But you won’t get out of college if you were quiet the whole time in college, you won’t get out of college and suddenly be like ahhh I’ve got a house, and a mortgage, and a car payment, and a dog, and a kid...and now I’m going to tell the world what I think. It’s actually completely reverse. If you shave away the truth now, it's very hard to get that back.”

Rubin also discussed his new “bottom-up version of the internet” platform called, Locals.com. Rubin has said the platform will be an alternative to Patreon, which will allow creators to create their own “communities.” 

“I thought if we thought with creators first, we can build communities...so anyone can build a community and it’s subscription-based, which eliminates 99% of the trolls and the bots.” 

“So that’s really the idea behind it, and we have made it video, we have ad-free podcasts,” Rubin said. “You can communicate with me. You can communicate with each other. We have a great feed. There’s no algorithm manipulation...so we’ve built something cool.”

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