IU cancels final day of 'Sex Fest' after BDSM demo, 'kink,' 'sex toy' photos, video surface

Indiana University canceled the final day of its "Sex Fest" after Campus Reform's reporting.

IU said the cancellation stemmed from "credible information about a planned disruption."

Indiana University canceled the final night of its three-day "Sex Fest," which featured BDSM demonstrations, "kink," and "sex toy" exhibits.

Campus Reform reported on the annual event Thursday, publishing exclusive photos and video from the event, which included a man publicly whipping a woman in her underwear while she was tied up. 

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Other photos showed the "sex toy" exhibits that featured whips, dildos, and other sexual objects. The university defended the event, saying that "BDSM safety" is among the topics "most requested" by students.

“Our public health researchers have found some evidence to suggest that people are engaging in a broader range of sexual activities and as a result, it is the IU Health Center's mission to make sure they practice it safely, following the BDSM community’s principal tenets of 'safe, sane, and consensual," UI spokesman Chuck Carney told Campus Reform

On the same day that Campus Reform reported the story, UI announced on Facebook that it had canceled the final day of the event. 

"Staff overseeing the events received credible information about a planned disruption, prompting the cancellation in the interest of safety," Carney told Campus Reform Thursday. 

By Friday, morning the university had altogether removed the event from Facebook, as opposed to merely marking it as "canceled." 

The event had faced significant backlash. In addition to a number of social media users and commenters expressing their disgust by the event, one UI student congressman said that UI is "morally bankrupting my generation." 

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