Harvard group for 'anti-Zionist' Jewish students fights 'oppression,' like 'capitalism'

A new group for 'anti-Zionist' Jewish Harvard students is presenting "The Jewish Case for BDS."

The group aims to "end to Israel’s settler-colonial project of occupation, colonization, dispossession, and apartheid in Palestine."

Harvard Jewish undergraduates announced the creation of a new pro-Palestine organization, branding themselves the “Harvard Jewish Coalition for Peace."

According to a public statement, the group claims it is for “an organized anti-Zionist organization outside of Hillel for Jewish students who support Palestinian liberation – the end to Israel’s settler-colonial project of occupation, colonization, dispossession, and apartheid in Palestine.”

The group goes on to say that it is “committed to following the leadership of Palestinians in supporting the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement on and off Harvard’s campus... [Israel] established and maintains itself through violence against indigenous Palestinians.”

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“We seek to organize the Jewish community,” the group explained, “and to work in solidarity with others, on and off campus, to fight against all forms and systems of oppression, including white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, ableism, capitalism, settler-colonialism, and imperialism.”

The group’s first event, a “Teach-In”, is entitled “The Jewish Case for BDS.”

Harvard Hillel President Rebecca Araten wrote in an email obtained by the Harvard Crimson that Hillel is committed to an “active and constructive relationship” with Israel, rather than one of “alienation and vilification.”

“Israel is a vital crucible of modern Jewish culture and the home of nearly half of the world’s Jewish population,” she wrote. “We oppose BDS and all efforts that seek to delegitimize the State of Israel.”

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“As a community, Harvard Hillel is dedicated to inclusive, multi-vocal conversation about Israel. Students active in our community represent a diversity of voices and political opinions, which we amplify in programming that seeks to explore the different facets of Israel.”

“At the end of the day, BDS is not about human rights or social justice,” Harvard Senior Caleb Esrig told the Harvard Crimson. “It is not about ending the occupation. It's not about Israeli human rights abuses. It is about ending the Jewish state.”

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