VIDEO: Students at CPAC share experiences as conservatives on campus

Campus Reform asked students at CPAC about their experiences as conservatives on campus.

Students share stories of lost friendships and classroom indoctrination.

Campus Reform spoke with students Thursday at the nation's largest gathering of conservatives, the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., about their experiences being conservatives on college campuses. 

Students first spoke about losing friends for their political views. One student even said a woman he dated refused to keep seeing him after finding out his political beliefs, as Campus Reform highlighted in another recent video. 

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“I like Donald Trump, and they don’t,” one student said while explaining why he has lost friends for his views. 

“Once [friends] found out that I was pro-Trump, they would just be like ‘how could you,’ ‘how dare you,’” another student added. “Somebody told me to burn in hell as a Trump supporter."

Students also shared how professors spread their liberal ideologies in the classroom.

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“The chair of our econ[omics] department, my major...he’s an open Marxist,” a student said. 

“My professor decided to talk about how we needed free healthcare in bio[logy] class, and it really made no sense,” a different student shared. 

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Students also called on older conservatives to engage students on campus. 

“I’d like to see more conservatives, older conservatives come to speak to college students.” 

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