OSU football coach shamed for wearing One America News t-shirt

Oklahoma State University football coach Mike Gundy came under fire after he was seen wearing a One America News t-shirt.

The controversy came as cancel culture has claimed multiple victims nationwide, from academia to Hollywood.

Oklahoma State University football Mike Gundy came under fire Monday after a social media post showed him wearing a One America News t-shirt. 

The controversy ignited after CBS Sports writer Kyle Boone tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook post showing Gundy wearing a One America News t-shirt while on a fishing trip. "Mike Gundy went fishing on Lake Texoma donning an OAN t-shirt," the sports reporter captioned the tweet.

Boone later added, "Some added context to this: Gundy in the past has praised OAN for its reporting," linking to an article by the Oklahoman quoting Gundy as saying in April, “I tell you what's funny is, I was flipping through stations. I found one — I don't even know if anybody knows about this — it's called OAN. It's One America News. And it was so refreshing. They just report the news." 

About three hours later, OSU football player Chuba Hubbard referenced Boone's tweet, writing, "I will not stand for this.. This is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable. I will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE."

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OSU Athletic Director Mike Holder released a statement via tweet, saying, "This afternoon has been very disturbing. The tweets from the current and former players are of grave concern." 


OSU President Burns Hargis also weighed in, tweeting, "I hear and respect the concerns expressed by our Black student-athletes. This is a time for unity of purpose to confront racial inequities and injustice. We will not tolerate insensitive behavior by anyone at Oklahoma State." 

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While the vague responses from university officials left many on social media to speculate that Gundy's job may be in jeopardy, the OSU coach and Hubbard appear to have smoothed over their differences- at least for now. 

Hubbard tweeted a video Monday night with the caption "Change is coming I promise you that." 

The video showed both Gundy and Hubbard standing side by side. 

Gundy says in the video that he has met with players and "realize[s] it's a very sensitive issue" before saying that he'll be making changes. 

Hubbard said that he "went about it the wrong way by tweeting" his concern. 

"I should have went to him as a man," Hubbard admitted, looking forward to "change" coming to the team.

OAN has come under fire by leftists as President Donald Trump has repeatedly voiced his support for the conservative network, sometimes while expressing disapproval of Fox News. The Oklahoma controversy comes just days before Trump is set to hold his first rally since the coronavirus outbreak in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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