'This whole thing is just getting started': Princeton student issues warning to America

He said the university should "honor the good that he did while condemning the bad."”

Campus Reform Correspondent and Princeton student Akhil Rajasekar sounded off on the Ivy League's decision to remove Woodrow Wilson's name from buildings.

Campus Reform Correspondent and Princeton University student Akhil Rajasekar appeared on Fox and Friends First to offer his thoughts on the school's decision to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from the School of Public and International Affairs. 

Pointing out that the decision had been made “without any input from the broader student body,” Rajasekar called the move “deeply problematic,” because it failed to take into account the historical context of Wilson’s contributions. 

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“Wilson transformed Princeton from a run of the mill college in the middle of nowhere New Jersey to a world-class university that has done immeasurable good for the world… this doesn’t mean dismissing his racism or pretending it didn’t exist. It means making his full record public and being open about the history so that we can honor the good that he did while condemning the bad.”

Rajasekar went on to question the true motives behind the decision, saying “this situation isn’t about race ultimately. It’s going to have no influence on anybody that a few words were changed or just moved around. This is really just a power tactic to show that the mob is in charge of elite institutions and they can make administrations buckle under their will." 

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After pointing out that “Campus Reform has documented how rampant this movement is,” Rajasekar hinted that he expects the trend of renaming buildings and removing statues to continue. 

“I can guarantee this whole thing is just getting started. The move to purge Wilson from campus is just a warm-up exercise because what at the end of the day their goal is is to control elite institutions and curtail academic freedom. That’s their holy grail.”

“They hope to use racism or any other ‘ism’ as a pretext to curtail what people say, think, research, or write…”

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