VIDEO: Students want debt canceled and admit taxpayers would foot the bill

Campus Reform asked students if they agreed with a recent Democratic proposal to cancel student loan debt in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most students agreed and said the “rich” should pay for debt cancellations, but admitted that taxpayers would likely foot the bill.

As Democrats have introduced a new plan to cancel student loan debt during the coronavirus pandemic, Campus Reform asked students to weigh in. Did they agree with measures to cancel student loan debt, and if so, who would pay for it?

Most agreed with canceling student loan debt.

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“I definitely think it’s a good idea,” one student said.

“A lot of students right now, they’re struggling [to] balance work out with school,” another student added.



Campus Reform also asked students who should pay to cancel student loan debt. Many students said the “rich” and “wealthy” Americans.

“The top one percent,” one student said. “They have accumulated more wealth during the last like three months than anyone else and it’s a little bit ridiculous in my opinion how much money the top one percent has accumulated.”

“Taxes for like the richer people,” another student answered when asked who should pay.

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Ultimately when pressed on who would pay, many admitted that taxpayers would foot the bill.

“I have a feeling it’s probably going to come from taxpayers,” one student admitted.

“I feel like at the end of the day it would be put on the taxpayers,” another added.

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