WATCH: Princeton prof compares Trump to 'plantation owner'

In a recent interview, President Donald Trump said he "did more for the black community than anybody with the possible exception" of Lincoln.

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. said the president sounded like a "plantation owner" when he made this comment.

Princeton University Professor and Department of African American Studies Chairman Eddie Glaude Jr. compared President Donald Trump to a "plantation owner" during a recent interview with MSNBC.

His comment was made in response to Trump’s interview with Axios National Political Correspondent Jonathan Swan, during which Trump said that he "did more for the black community than anybody with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln..."

"You believe you did more than [President] Lyndon Johnson, who passed the Civil Rights Act?" Swan asked. 

"I think I did, yeah," Trump said.

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Glaude responded to that portion of Trump's Axios interview by saying that he has a "hard time" taking Trump seriously on the issue.

"We need to understand him for who he is. I mean we can call him a narcissist, we can call him an egoist, we can call him a vulgarian, but the main thing is that when we hear him talk like this, we need to understand it for the paternalistic language that it is," Glaude told MSNBC.

"He sounds like a plantation owner and that we should be grateful to him, that we should show gratitude toward him," he added.

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Princeton College Republicans told Campus Reform, “Professor Glaude’s provocative language only serves to inflame the situation. He is degrading the very real suffering that occurred on American plantations by comparing it to the president’s language. We urge Professor Glaude to focus on a healthy way forward, rather than using false, hurtful statements.” 

Campus Reform reached out to both Professor Glaude Jr. and Princeton University but did not receive a reply in time for publication.