UCSD 'Anti-Racism Challenge' claims American policies are 'grounded in white supremacy'

The challenge connects America’s founding and its current state with white supremacy.

A 21-Day “Anti-Racism” Challenge series aims to help participants understand race, power, and supremacy.

The University of California-San Diego hosted a 21-Day Anti Racism Challenge, in which it asserted that the polices governing America are "grounded in white supremacy."

Instead of a week-long program, university Chancellor Eddie Moore Jr. said the program would be 21 days long because “it takes 21 days to create a habit and this initiative aims to support us in building 'effective social justice habits' to effect meaningful change.”

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Participants of the “Anti-Racism Challenge” will take part in an online series divided into four sections; “How We Got Here,” “Intersections of Power, Language, and Visibility,” “Black Joy as a Form of Resistance,” and “Allying, Action, and Accountability,” followed by “Continuing Your Anti-Racism Work." 

An endnote for completion of the 21 days encourages participants to continue to commit to anti-racism organizing, partnering with people of color, using newly obtained skills in the workplace, and focusing on the black experience.

Within each of the four sections are daily activities and specific activities followed by a suggested reading or video to watch.

Day 1 of the “How We Got Here” section says “When one affirms that they are not racist, it does not absolve them from complicity in perpetuating racism. Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, esteemed professor and bestselling author, contends that “[there] is no neutrality in the racism struggle.”

Campus Reform previously reviewed Kendi's book, which you can read here.

Day 4 within the “How We Got Here” section focuses on race being a social construct “created to justify the power and privilege that is “whiteness” over those deemed to be “not white." Day 5 of the “How We Got Here” encourages students to read Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility, which Campus Reform has previously reported

In the "Intersections of Power, Language, and Visibility" section, the school stated, "It would be fair to look at America, in all its failings to afford 'liberty and justice for all,' and assert that it is broken--but in fact, quite the opposite is true. When we look critically at the policies that have governed this land over the last 244 years, and acknowledge that these policies are grounded in white supremacy, it becomes clear that America's current state is by design."

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UC-San Diego suggested that the completion of the 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge will “ground us individually and collectively to differing modes of learning; individual, collective, and structural change only happen by using this knowledge for positive change.”

California College Republicans Communications Director Dylan Martin told Campus Reform that the UC system is making "zero-effort" in hiding its liberal bias.

“The UC system is making zero effort to hide its liberal indoctrination practices. A UCSD-sponsored event that states that American policy is rooted in white supremacy, and implies that our entire grand experiment is racist, is radical," Martin said. "To its logical end, that thinking implies the entire Republic is racist and must be rebuilt.”

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“It is absolutely critical that we call out this shameless liberal bias that normalizes the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement. This program will do nothing more than teach students to hate themselves and their country. Campuses need to stop focusing on race and fomenting division.” Martin said.

Campus Reform reached out to the University of California-San Diego but has not received a response.

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