Rutgers prof: 'We got an egomaniac...motherf**ker in the White House'

In the same social media tirade, she praised the Democratic National Convention and said that Supreme Court Justice Clarence "demolished" the civil rights movement.

A professor at Rutgers University said that there is a "motherf**ker in the White House."

The Rutgers University professor who said that President Donald Trump is to blame for black female obesity and that "every Trump supporter" is at fault for the tens of thousands of people who have died from coronavirus said during a recent Instagram live video that "we got an egomaniac...narcissist, sociopathic motherf**ker in the White House right now." 

Rutgers University Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies Brittney Cooper made the claim during a video in which she gave her thoughts on the politics of the Democratic National Convention: "I'm not here for the American patriotism, American exceptionalism bullsh*t. All that stuff is propaganda, but as political theatre it was amazing...This is American political theatre at its finest." 

She later expressed her desire “to be very slightly professorial mixed in with some cussing and whatever else comes up," before launching into a tirade against conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, among other topics.

"Clarence Thomas has demolished and decimated the civil rights legacy of this country in the way that he votes on the court," Cooper said.

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The professor also described President Donald Trump as a "narcissist, sociopathic, mother**ker" during the 36-minute long video.

 “We got an egomaniac in the White House...narcissist, sociopathic motherfucker in the White House right now. But, ...the problem with Trump is that he is a virus and a cancer and he just spreads,” adding, “Donald Trump is a fascist. He is an autocrat. He is an authoritarian-in-training.”

Rutgers University student Allen Chase told Campus Reform that the comments don't come off as too "professional."

“As a professor...I think that you should try to keep your personal opinions out of the political realm. Especially if you are going to be teaching.” 

Chase added that he thinks “calling the president a sociopath [and] a mother-f**ker isn’t exactly the most professional” way to conduct oneself.

The Turning Point USA chapter at Rutgers University told Campus Reform that it “find[s] [Cooper’s] comments to be shocking.” 

The conservative student group reflected, “At the end of the day we are Americans and even when we disagree we should show respect...” The group noted that during this election season, “comments such as [Cooper’s] will not serve to help us become closer as Americans but only drive us apart.”

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Jackson Bainbridge, a Rutgers University computer science student, told Campus Reform that he sees all presidents “except Jimmy Carter” as bad people, saying, “I don’t think we’ve ever had a president that wasn’t what [Cooper] is saying. I think Trump is just more outwardly horrible.” Bainbridge added, “Trump’s a child rapist...Bill Clinton was too. Obama was a war criminal.”

Cooper identified herself as a “committed progressive [and] a radical Black feminist,” and described how she views Joe Biden as a candidate, saying, “Biden has come to the table with Sanders in a good faith effort to actually be pushed left. And, so sometimes when I see the progressive and radical left saying, ‘Nothing has changed and Biden is still a centrist,’ I think, like, ‘Are y’all paying attention?’ because politics isn’t about us all getting what we want. It’s about us having politicians that can be pushed.”

Cooper blamed the current president for the coronavirus, saying, “Part of the way that you know Trump is...the worst that we’ve ever had is because...we literally have to have a physical plan in order to go vote now, because it’s physically unsafe for the mass majority of Americans to go out and vote.” 

The Rutgers professor argued that Trump has “has made it physically unsafe by the way he has enacted policy in this country for us to gather together,” going so far as to label the novel coronavirus as “this man’s virus.” She continued, “It’s literally unsafe for us to go outside and be amongst people in any great number. That’s the consequence of the Trump presidency. And if folks can’t see that that simple shift in quality of life is evidence of how absolutely insidious he is, then what I say to those people is, ‘You’re on bullshit and you’re committed to dishonesty and that isn’t about principle; that’s about your ego and your desire to be right.’”

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This is not the first time that Cooper has blamed Trump for public health concerns.

As Campus Reform previously reported, Cooper blamed Trump’s actions for contributing to Black female obesity, saying, “We are living in the Trump era...and look, those policies kill our people.” Cooper more recently has said, "F**k each and every Trump supporter. You all absolutely did this. You are to blame” for the COVID deaths among Black people.

The women’s and gender studies professor also has called the God of Christian conservatives “the god of white supremacy and patriarchy,” and said that Brexit was motivated by “racism.”

Campus Reform reached out Cooper, the White House, the Supreme Court, and Rutgers University for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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