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Jonathan McCormick
Michigan Senior Campus Correspondent

About Jonathan

Jonathan A. McCormick, Jr., is the Founding Host of Outsmart Big Brother™ and is a Senior International Correspondent for Liberland Press. Formerly, he worked as a Michigan Senior Campus Correspondent for Campus Reform. While originally a political science student at Andrews University, Jonathan dropped out after teaching himself to code via the Internet. Aware of the importance of computer technology to free expression and government accountability, Jonathan started Outsmart Big Brother™ in February of 2021 to educate people on how to use Internet-related tools to overcome censorship and spying. A native Nevadan, Jonathan was raised in Nevada, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. He started getting involved with Liberland (a tiny, libertarian country in the Balkans) in September of 2020. Jonathan continues to be an advocate for a freer, more prosperous world.

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