UW-Milwaukee College Democrats encourage bailing out Kenosha rioters

The Milwaukee Freedom Fund, which they encouraged others to donate to, helps with "bail/tickets/connecting protesters to lawyers."

The UW-Milwaukee College Democrats tweeted that people should donate to bail funds for Kenosha protesters who were arrested.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College Democrats provided a link telling students “how to help” in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake. One of the ways students can “help” is to donate money to the Milwaukee Freedom Fund, which pays the bail for Kenosha protesters.

"Here are some ways to demand #justiceforjacobblake. This includes elected officials’ numbers, a petition, and a way to donate to bail out Kenosha protesters. Petition link to bring justice to Jacob Blake is also in our bio," the group tweeted.


The Milwaukee Freedom Fund posted on Instagram after the death of Jacob Blake that it would help bail out arrested Kenosha protesters.


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"Milwaukee Freedom Fund wants to extend our support to protesters in Kenosha," the group said. "We help with bail/tickets/connecting protesters to lawyers."

The Milwaukee Freedom Fund’s home page says community support will “continue our work helping protesters and community mutual aid and start a locally controlled and operated Milwaukee Bail Out Fund that is part of the National Bail Out Network. Through this work we will build on ongoing bail abolition efforts, support immigration efforts, work towards Black and Brown Liberation and support Black and Brown young people as they build a new world.”

Campus Reform reached out to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College Democrats but did not receive a reply in time for publication.

Similarly, one day after the shooting of Blake, the George Washington University College Dems tweeted that the incident is "even more proof that the system of policing in America is racist.


“What happened to Jacob Blake is even more proof that the system of policing in America is racist, and we must demand change. The officers who shot him must be fired and prosecuted. From the local level all the way up to the White House, policies need to be enacted that demilitarize police forces and invest in Black and brown communities. Until then, justice is impossible. Let’s all keep Jacob Blake in our thoughts and prayers, and we must change the system that let this happen," the group tweeted.

Campus Reform reached out to George Washington College Democrats for additional comment but did not receive a response.

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