Frequent guest at leading universities says that ‘violence is the only way’ to support BLM

Jones is a popular guest speaker at prominent American universities.

Feminsta Jones, a feminist writer, said that “violence is the only way” to forward the work of Black Lives Matter.

A frequent guest lecturer at prominent American universities declared in a Twitter thread that "violence is the only way" to support Black Lives Matter and related work.

Michelle Taylor, known as Feminista Jones in her professional work, is a feminist writer and community activist. She took to Twitter in order to explain why Black Lives Matter and other “revolutionary” work must be forwarded by violence. Jones has presented at countless American universities in the past seven years, including Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, University of California-Berkeley, Boston University, Vassar College, and the University of Pennsylvania.

“White people, no matter how ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive,’ will never endorse revolutionary acts that may jeopardize their children’s lives,” she explained. “As such, they will never fully support a Black liberation revolution by way of violent rebellion.”


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According to Jones, “Violence is the only way, of course. No votes. No marching. No spots on cable news. No high fashion magazine cover stories. No hashtags. No panels.”


Jones describes violence as “liberating” and required for Black people to “live free.” In another tweet, Jones says that anti-racism "centers whiteness in its work" and says that "White people" will never put Black liberation over their own lives.

"What if I told you that there is no way for a dislocated, displaced African to truly “live free” without the complete destruction of whiteness’ occupation of space in our minds, bodies, souls, communities, etc?" she tweeted.

Jones most frequently presents on feminism as it relates to race. 

For instance, one October 2019 event at the University of California-Santa Barbara, titled “Empowering Women of Color and Their Feminism(s),” addressed the “forceful impositions of western feminism” on women of color. 

The talk was “aimed at validating the lived experiences of women of color and empowering them to practice feminism in a way that speaks true to their identities, backgrounds, and political beliefs.”

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Due to COVID-19, Jones has canceled all upcoming university appearances.

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