EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: UW-Green Bay threatens to shut down conservative organization

One conservative student said that the university is using the virus as an excuse to shut down student organizations.

A UW-Green Bay employee threatened to shut down a Students for Trump chapter after allegations from the admissions department.

A Students for Trump chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay was accused by a university employee of poor compliance to the school's coronavirus guidelines while tabling and was told that the organization could be shut down if they didn't follow the rules.

According to a video obtained by Campus Reform, on September 16, an employee at the university approached the student organization and stated that the admissions department had received a complaint from a parent who was on a campus tour. 

“Parents came back from [a campus tour] and complained whoever was working out here came up to them while the tour guide was giving a tour," the unidentified employee said, expressing that the organization has "toed the line." 

The employee proceeded to say “If I have to send you down to student conduct, I’ll send you down to student conduct. They’ll pull your student organization...I don't want to shut you guys down, I want you guys to be able to continue what you are doing."

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A representative from the Students for Trump group, Brett Galaszewski, denied the allegations made by the university employee in an interview with Campus Reform.

“Everyone here will agree, we’ve been very polite," Galaszewski said. “From behind the table, I was asking, ‘Are any of you Trump supporters? We have free merch!’ I did not physically disrupt the tour, but the Admissions Department claimed otherwise."

Galaszewski said that, initially, the faculty member was "hostile" but changed his tone after realizing he was being recorded.

“Initially the faculty member was extremely hostile, but calmed down and changed tone completely after seeing that he was being recorded, and later came back with a printed copy of the email he received from the Admissions Department," Galaszewski said. 

 Galaszewski said that “this is par for the course," referring to what it's like being part of a conservative student organization.

Another student who was also present at the tabling event told Campus Reform that he believes the school is using the virus as a reason to discriminate against conservative student organizations.

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“I believe the UW System is actively using COVID-19 to discriminate against conservative organizations on campus," Logan Rodriguez said.

The university told Campus Reform that it is encouraging student groups to host "safe" tabling events.

“Safety is our priority during these uncertain times, and the University Union is working to ensure that everyone is following all the necessary guidelines. We have taken an educational approach by explaining the necessary steps and working with student groups looking to have safe tabling events," the spokesperson said.

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