EXCLUSIVE: 99.5% of Dartmouth College employee political donations made to Democrats

A Campus Reform analysis found that 99.5% of employees who made political donations at Dartmouth College were to Democrats or Democratic organizations

At Dartmouth College, 99.5% of the faculty, administration, and staff who contributed money throughout the 2020 election cycle donated to Democrat candidates or Democratic-aligned organizations,a Campus Reform investigation using numbers from the Federal Election Commission revealed.

Campus Reform analyzed the donation records of Dartmouth employees from 2019-2020, using publicly available records from the FEC in order to determine the political leanings of faculty and administrators at the Ivy League school in the swing state of New Hampshire.

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According to the analysis, 99.5 percent of all university employees who made political donations gave to Democratic candidates or Democratic-aligned organizations, such as Act Blue and Joe Biden for President. Specifically, 99.6 percent of faculty who donated to political candidates or causes gave to Democrats while 99.3% of administrators who donated gave to Democrats.

Among staff, 99.3 percent of Dartmouth staff who donated gave to Democrats.

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Only two of the political donations made by Dartmouth employees were to Republicans.

A similar analysis by Campus Reform found that Democratic employees at Yale University outnumber Republican employees by more than 9:1.

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