WATCH: Oregon anti-cop protesters chain themselves to a door

They demanded the university defund the University of Oregon Police Department and remove the Board of Trustees.

Protesters at the University of Oregon chained themselves to the entrance of the administration building on campus.

Protesters at the University of Oregon chained themselves to the entrance of a campus building. 

The students claimed to be protesting “a troubling and persistent pattern of police brutality." Far-left undergraduates at the university have a history of intense protesting and shutting down speakers

The protesters belong to an organization called “Reclaim UO,” a group not officially registered with the university. They seek to disband the Board of Trustees and replace them with a “campus community model." They encourage students to show support for their cause by wearing a red pin. 

“To show solidarity with Reclaim UO, please pin a red square anywhere on your person. Movement participants will be distributing information and providing details about upcoming events soon. Be prepared to disrupt business as usual in any public-private partnership.”

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According to the Register-Guard, the protesters remained there for 21 hours before informally meeting with the university president. 

“The far-left is extremely active on our college campuses. Many university administrations capitulate to their requests time and time again. Often, college administrations even work to advance far-left agendas, while silencing conservative voices,” Young Republicans of Oregon member and Campus Reform Correspondent Logan Washburn said. 

“There are ample instances of this in Oregon, many of which go unnoticed. If we ever want to bring sanity back to America, we must first bring sanity back to campus. This can only be accomplished through individuals consistently, maturely, and adamantly fighting for the truth," he added.

“These protestors are doing nothing but virtue signaling. It’s all a part of this big game they all play, where everyone feels like they’re making a difference. It’s just a grand act for attention,” said Will Christensen, president of the University of Oregon College Republicans. 

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