REPORT: Cornell employees donated $900K to Democrats, $12K to Republicans

Cornell University overwhelmingly donated to Democrats over Republicans.

Democratic donations made up 98% of employee donations, while Republican donations were less than $15K.

An analysis from the student newspaper at Cornell University revealed that Cornell employees overwhelmingly support Democrats. 

According to the Cornell Daily Sun, university employees have donated $913,064 to Democratic candidates and left-leaning PACs, including Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and just $12,775 to Republican candidates and conservative PACs.

These totals come from more than 28,000 individual donations within a two-year period. 

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Cornell defined employees of the university as not just those who are professors but also student-employees, as well as both on and off-campus workers. Almost 900 employees contributed to Biden for President & the Biden Victory Fund, totaling $118,859. Only 65 employees donated to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign or the Make America Great Again Committee, coming to just $5,033. 

Within the undergraduate colleges, Cornell shows that employees within the College of Arts and Sciences donated the most, giving $110,492, followed by employees of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, who contributed $64,773. 

The Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management came in with the least amount of donations totaling $7,800. 

Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson told the Daily Sun that the figures represented “an intolerant echo chamber in which differing and dissenting political opinions are not welcome.”

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The paper also analyzed donations to the local race in New York’s 23rd congressional district, which did not find any direct employee donations for Republican candidate Tom Reed. Instead, it found 219 individual donations equalling $48,596 for Democratic candidate Tracy Mitrano. 

The university also included other candidates largely supported by Cornell employees. 

Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson pointed Campus Reform to a survey published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education that found Cornell to be ranked 40th out of 55 universities surveyed for free speech, which also ranked low on students' willingness to express themselves. 

“The student comments to the survey," Jacobson told Campus Reform, "as well as the survey results, showed that Cornell students fear expressing themselves due to the monolithic political culture on campus. A significant part of that culture is a faculty that almost uniformly backs liberal and far-left causes."

He also added that “Famed George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley has noted that attacks by law professors on me, based on my criticizing the Black Lives Matter riots and looting this summer, reflected “the antipathy of the intellectual foundations for higher education.” 


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