Students launch ‘Youth for Loeffler and Perdue’ ahead of January 5 runoff

Students in Georgia launched Youth for Loeffler and Perdue, a grassroots effort to campaign for the candidates’ reelection.

Coalition members have knocked over 115,000 doors and sent 150,000 text messages for the runoff elections.

Students in the state of Georgia have launched Youth for Loeffler and Perdue, a “coordinated grassroots effort” to support the Senate candidates’ reelection campaigns.

“Both Senators Loeffler and Perdue have laid out a clear vision for Georgia’s future,” said University of North Georgia student Miguel Vila, who was appointed as chair of the organization, in a press release. “I am glad to be one of the thousands of young people who are knocking doors, making calls, and doing everything possible to confirm their re-elections victories.”

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The members of the coalition “recognize the importance of mobilizing our coworkers, classmates, and others, ensuring Georgia votes for the commonsense solutions of Loeffler and Perdue instead of the radical liberal policies of their opponents.”

Coalition members have knocked over 115,000 doors and sent 150,000 text messages for the runoff elections.

The press release notes that young voters made up 21 percent of Georgia’s votes on the November 3 general election — 5 percent higher than the national average.

The Chairman of the Youth for Loeffler and Perdue, Miguel Vila, told Campus Reform that the organization has already recruited over 200 volunteers to send text messages, phone-bank, and door-knock. 

"Youth for Loeffler and Perdue is a grassroots movement of young people fighting against the radical agenda of Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff. Since the general election YFLP has organized more than 200 young volunteers to send more than 150,000 text messages, make tens of thousands of calls, and knock on more than 170,000 doors to win Georgia and save America," Vila said.

Vila also said that a win by the Democrats in both of these races would have "devastating consequences for all Americans."

"The tax and spend policies of Warnock and Ossoff might fall right in line with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer's vision for America, but they would sell off our generations' chance at the American dream and put our future in jeopardy. It is easy for big government politicians to make expensive promises today for the next generation, our generation, to pay off," Vila said.

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On Nov. 3, Republican Senator David Perdue contended for reelection against Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff. Neither candidate earned a majority of the vote, triggering a runoff election slated to occur on Jan. 5.

Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler — who Georgia Governor Brian Kemp appointed to finish Johnny Isakson’s term in late 2019 — will likewise face off against Democrat Raphael Warnock on Jan. 5.