Conservative student group says Twitter censored this tweet

The University of Arizona College Republicans alleged that Twitter censored a tweet promoting an upcoming event.

A banner reading "this tweet might include sensitive content" allegedly appeared for a period of time over the tweet, blocking some users from seeing it.

A conservative organization at the University of Arizona alleged that Twitter censored its tweet promoting an event with conservative YouTube personality John Doyle.

"UA College Republicans are hosting YouTuber John Doyle on the 21st of January! Come join us and other young conservatives as we discuss the future of America! Sign up using the QR code to secure your spot!" the tweet stated.

According to the Arizona College Republicans, Twitter displayed a banner across the tweet, stating "this tweet might include sensitive content," and blocked certain Twitter users from viewing the tweet.

The group called it "absolutely ridiculous that @Twitter is censoring one of our chapters for advertising their upcoming meeting."

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Campus Reform reached out to Twitter for comment on why the tweet was allegedly censored but has not received a response.

The Arizona College Republicans President Alton Zhnag told Campus Reform that "our right to free speech has always been one of our nation's greatest values. It's enumerated as the first amendment for a reason, as our founding fathers understood that ideas, no matter how controversial, deserved to be spoken.”

However, he said that the right to free speech is being eroded and that America is “seeing the grim realities of that process.” 

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Zhang said conservatives “have been warning about big tech censorship for years now, which is why so many people were behind the president's push to end online censorship.”

Further, Zhang said that if “tweets can get censored for merely promoting a speaker event, don't be surprised when the crackdowns begin.” 

“Tyrants never relinquish their power once they attain it," Zhang said.

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