VIDEO: Students not concerned about China...until learning what CCP is doing

Campus Reform asked students at the University of Florida whether they are concerned about foreign influence on college campuses.

Students at first said they were not worried, but then heard what the Chinese Communist Party is up to.

Editor's note: Campus Reform has reported extensively on American university professors and academics who have been arrested, indicted, and sentenced for failing to disclose their ties to China. For ongoing, comprehensive national coverage of the China Threat on campus, visit


Campus Reform went to the University of Florida to ask students what they think about foreign influence on college campuses, particularly when it comes to America's adversaries. 

Initially, students said they were not concerned about foreign involvement on American college campuses...until hearing that the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania received $22 million from "anonymous" sources in China. That's not to mention the dozens of Confucius Institutes operating on campuses across the country, which U.S. intelligence agencies have said are "propaganda" centers for the Chinese Communist Party.

Watch the video above to see more.

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