Columbia prof admits to using heroin in call to decriminalize hard drugs

A Columbia University professor wrote a book declaring that he is an “unapologetic drug user.”

He claimed the use of the drug contributes to his "pursuit of happiness."

The professor further called upon President Joe Biden to decriminalize drug use.

A Columbia University professor wrote a book about the benefits of drug use — including heroin. 

Columbia's drug policy, which "all students, faculty, and staff are expected to comply with..." "strictly prohibits the possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of illicit drugs on University premises or as part of any University activity.

"Columbia affiliates (students and employees) who violate the University's policies concerning illicit drugs will face discipline through their schools or administrative units, up to and including expulsion or termination of employment," the policy continues

“I am an unapologetic drug user,” declared Columbia psychology professor Carl Hart in Drug Use for Grown-Ups: Chasing Liberty in a Land of Fear. “I take drugs as part of my pursuit of happiness, and they work. I am a happier and better person because of them.”

Drug Use for Grown-Ups draws on “decades of research” and Hart’s “own personal experience” to argue that “the criminalization and demonization of drug use — not drugs themselves — have been a tremendous scourge on America, not least in reinforcing this country’s enduring structural racism.”

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A review from Publisher’s Weekly lauds Hart’s openness about his drug use, including heroin: “This bracingly contrarian take provides much food for thought.”

In an interview with Hart, Columbia Magazine brought up the fact that 10 to 30 percent of heroin and methamphetamine users become addicts. In response, Hart still insisted that “the vast majority don’t become addicted.”

Hart told Columbia Magazine that he would like to see all drugs “regulated and legally available for adult consumption.” Currently, heroin is considered a Schedule I drug by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration due to its “high potential for abuse.”

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Hart likewise told Insider that President Joe Biden should decriminalize drug possession — a position that the Commander-in-Chief embraced during a recent town hall event with CNN.

"No one should go to jail for a drug offense,” Biden said. “No one should go to jail for the use of a drug. They should go to drug rehabilitation."

Campus Reform reached out to Columbia University and Hart for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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