Campus paper Editor in Chief 'couldn't walk past a white person without shaking'

A Denver student and Editor in Chief is suggesting white supremacy is to blame for the recent shooting toward Asian-Americans.

She said the use of the phrase “China virus” is one of the components in an increase of Asian violence.

The editor in chief of a University of Denver campus newspaper wrote an op-ed expressing her anger toward white people about the Atlanta shootings targeting Asian women.

“The shooting cannot be defined as an either/or where one must pick between gender and race,” wrote editor in chief of the DU Clarion Kiana Marsan in the piece titled “Dear White People.”

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Describing how she felt after learning about the shooting, she wrote “I couldn’t walk past a white person without shaking on my way to work.”

Marsan alleged that all white people are responsible for a reported surge in violence against Asian-Americans and that using the term “China virus” is spreading xenophobia and white supremacy. 

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Marsan denounced any choosing not to speak out about these events for committing “microaggressions, [using] racially-coded language and deny that silence is violent.”

Marsan also accused the faculty and administration of crowding out racial minorities with their "whiteness."

“You are administrators who attend a support space and—being the only ones who feel comfortable and safe enough to turn your videos on—flood the Zoom call with your whiteness," she wrote. "It will remind us of your privilege and power as we grieve”

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Marson asserted that all trauma being experienced is historically rooted in white supremacy, adding that “Black and Brown communities are not provided the same protections by law enforcement.”

She concluded by calling for “radical change” and for whites to "sacrifice [their] power and privileges.”

Campus Reform reached out to Marsan and the university but has not yet received a response. 

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