SMITH: If Hunter Biden wants to lecture about ‘fake news’, he should start by condemning the media giants that did his dirty work

On this week’s episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Video Reporter Addison Smith, sounded off on the hypocrisy behind Tulane University tapping Hunter Biden as a guest speaker for a political science course. 

As reported by Campus Reform, Biden is set to lecture on “media polarization” and “fake news”. 

Smith called out the media’s suppression over Biden’s laptop scandal, and questioned where the media was amid the Ukraine and China scandals. 

“Did the mainstream media have much or anything to say over his business dealings in China and Ukraine? I mean, we saw the text messages… that showed that even Joe Biden seemed to be involved with helping his son get jobs that he clearly wasn’t qualified for… A lot of shady things going on that the news didn’t want to talk about, but now he’s going to be the one lecturing about journalistic integrity.”

Smith joked that “maybe” Biden was going to lecture at Tulane about the “fake news” that has covered for him and President Biden for years.

“Maybe he’s finally coming clean, and is going to talk about the fake news that’s been doing his dirty work for both him and his dad.” 

In the rest of the Campus Countdown, Smith praised Students For Life for exposing Christian schools with ties to Planned Parenthood, and called out Evangel University for attempting to claim that erasing their “Crusader” mascot had nothing to do with “cancel culture”. 

Smith also brings a new woke Tweet of the week, in which a lecturer at the University of Maryland called Senator Tim Scott a “clown”, and said that “his ancestors are ashamed of him.”

Watch the full episode above.

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