CAMPUS PROFILE: University of Oregon

Conservative and Liberal Student Organizations:

Conservative Organizations: Turning Point USA and University of Oregon College Republicans 

Liberal Organizations: Climate Justice League, Coalition Against Environmental Racism, Gun Control in the United States, LGBTQ+ Alliance, LGBTESSP, Mecha, No Lost Generation UO, Our Revolution, Out in STEM, Queer Ally Coalition, Queer Media Association, Queer, Trans & Intersex Students of Color, Radical Organizing and Activism Research Center (ROAR), Student Insurgent, Students for Choice, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights, University of Oregon College Democrats, Womxn of Color Coalition, Young Democratic Socialists

OpenSecrets Data on University of Oregon Employee Political Donations: 

In the 2020 election cycle, 98.75% of donations went to Democrats, while 1.25% went to Republicans, according to OpenSecrets.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Rating:

The University of Oregon has a yellow light rating. According to FIRE, "Yellow light colleges and universities are those institutions with at least one ambiguous policy that too easily encourages administrative abuse and arbitrary application."

Stories by Campus Reform about the University of Oregon:

University of Oregon symposium asks 'What's Up With Whiteness?'

The University of Oregon held a symposium to discuss “what’s up with whiteness”, and help participants find their place in discussions about “race and systemic injustice” and become better “allies.” 

Clueless protesters shout down University of Oregon prez

A group of student protestors prevented University of Oregon President Michael Schill from giving a speech regarding how the school would utilize a recent $50 million donation, forcing him to give a video address.

Stories about questionable policies at the University of Oregon:

University of Oregon begins disarming police

The University of Oregon has begun disarming twenty-six percent of University of Oregon Police Department officers and increasing the number of unarmed officers in response to “recent incidents of police violence against people of color.” 

University of Oregon promises to ignore Trump's critical race theory executive order

University of Oregon President Michael Schill announced the University’s intention to openly defy President Trump’s executive order prohibiting the promotion of critical race theory by federal employees and contractors. 

EXCLUSIVE: University of Oregon’s anti-racism plan considers defunding police, endorsing BLM, using diversity as employment factor

Internal documents obtained by Campus Reform reveal the University of Oregon’s consideration of endorsing the Black Lives Matter movement, defunding the school police department, and the use of diversity and identity within the process of hiring new employees 

University of Oregon takes drastic action to shore up coronavirus revenue losses

In response to lost revenue caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, the University of Oregon announced plans to lay-off 282 school employees while extending their healthcare benefits, with the intention of rehiring the laid-off employees after work once again becomes available.