VIDEO: Rep Kat Cammack: Campus Free Speech Caucus will ensure 'every voice is heard' on college campuses

On June 14, Representative Kat Cammack (FL-03) and Representative Jim Jordan (OH-04) launched the Campus Free Speech Caucus, which is dedicated to preserving students’ First Amendment rights at higher education institutions across the country. 

Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson spoke with Representative Cammack about the new caucus and what students should expect from it in the coming months. 

Cammack told Campus Reform that the purpose of the caucus is “to make sure that these college campuses are allowing a space and really living up to their mission to inspire and create and foster an environment where every voice is heard.”

Cammack said the indoctrination on our college campuses is causing chaos in mainstream society. 

“We're seeing a result of all this liberal indoctrination on our campuses playing out in our society today, between community activists and community organizers and the social justice warriors. That really is causing chaos and destruction within our communities today,” Cammack said. “So that's why it's so important to stop the indoctrination of our students on college campuses that are funded by taxpayer dollars.”

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