Activist prof tweets 'Be very afraid!' before teaching CRT class

A professor at Temple University took to Twitter to announce his class on Critical Race Theory, which began on August 23.

His syllabus states that 'students will be required to seek this enlightenment even beyond the classroom.'

Prior the start of fall classes, Temple University adjunct professor Michael Coard tweeted, “Critical Race Theory starts at Temple University tomorrow, Mon., 8/23. To all racists in politics and academia: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” 

Coard’s syllabus for "The History & Significance of Race in America" claims that the class will foster a robust dialogue on Critical Race Theory in the form of “detailed lectures, documentaries, discussions, and especially debates.”

The syllabus states that the class will provide an "objective" explanation Critical Race Theory "and not what it never claimed to be." To that end, the class investigates how Critical Race Theory is connected with American “policy, politics, economics, education, employment, housing, policing, mass incarceration, and so-called criminal justice system.”

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Coard’s class will also tackle the issues of racial diversity, equality, and equity through an array of topics that include hip-hop music. 

The syllabus states, “I should mention that this course will present irrefutable proof that (real) Hip Hop is a legitimate tool to assist in the promotion of academic excellence on the collegiate level.” 

The goal of the course, according to the syllabus, is to “enlighten” students through “open-minded evidence."

“Students will be required to seek this enlightenment even beyond the classroom," the document states. 

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Coard mandates that all opinions are based on research and fact, not personal opinion.

Among the required readings is Kimberlé Chrenshaw’s Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed The Movement.

 Crenshaw, a Columbia Law professor, has gained a new level of prominence as Critical Race Theory has become a flashpoint in the national debate on race. Crenshaw is known for coining the term “intersectionality.” 

Michael Coard is a defense attorney and activist. He sits on the Pennsylvania board of the ACLU. 

Speaking with Philadelphia Magazine, Coard’s said favorite part of his job is confronting “racist, thuggish cops without getting shot.” He believes good cops technically, “don’t exist.” He also claims to have a “Socialist ideology.”

Campus Reform reached out to Coard and Temple University; this article will be updated accordingly.