WATCH: This student published a book about her experience being a conservative on a college campus

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha and Campus Reform Correspondent Alexia Bianchi discuss Bianchi's book detailing what it is like being a conservative on a college campus, and how the left has infiltrated academia.

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha spoke with University of South Florida senior Alexia Bianchi about her newly released book, "Conservatism and College: How College Campuses Have Become Liberal Indoctrination Sites."

Bianchi is also a Campus Reform Correspondent.

In the discussion, Bianchi broke down why she felt compelled to write a book that describes the college experience from the perspective of an outspoken campus conservative.

According to Bianchi, she began to notice a trend among like-minded students after getting involved with Republican clubs on campus. Writing papers with a liberal slant and being criticized for having different opinions by professors and peers wasn't an isolated incident, but a common experience shared by others on her campus.

"So, I just kind of decided to put all these stories together and the reasons behind them into a book so, that way, people can see what's really going on on college campuses."

The book was published on Amazon and was released Mar. 12. Its description gives readers a glimpse of the modern-day campus that allows students to be "coddled and forced to think inside the box." Instead, Bianchi aims to "examine[e] the reasons why colleges push a leftist agenda" and "describe[e] the consequences of doing so."

"I was really bothered by all of this happening," Bianchi recounted for Campus Reform. "It seemed really hypocritical to me that a lot of my peers seem to be open and accepting of everyone unless they disagree with you."

"That just wasn't okay with me, and I decided to get involved in any way I could to help minimize this trend on college campuses," Bianchi Added.

In addition to her writing, Bianchi is involved with College Republicans and is the Vice President for the school's Network of Enlightened Women chapter.

Watch the video above to hear more about Alexia's story.

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