'The Trend is a lot of Mental Illness'

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha recently spoke with Drew Hernandez, a journalist who has covered protests and riots across the country.

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha spoke with investigative journalist and host of Turning Point USA’s daily show “Frontlines” Drew Hernandez about his experience reporting on left-wing protests in American cities.

Hernandez, who began documenting riots in the summer of 2020, told Campus Reform that the protests have gotten increasingly. He attributed this to an uptick in normalizing mental illness.

“The trend is a lot of mental illness, and I’m serious about that. People have lost their minds” he stated.

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He continued, stating, “I think there’s this mixture where mental illness has been normalized in our society where we don’t want to address someone’s mental illness… if you say anything you get canceled, you get silenced, you get oppressed and censored.”

He estimated that heightened political tension in 2020, in addition to lockdowns, contributed to how activists have shifted their behaviors.

“The protest scene itself right now is dangerous,” he admitted.

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Campus Reform has reported on a number of violent protests that have erupted on college campuses in the past year, as well. In December, anti-cop students at the University of California, Davis vandalized school property and set off smoke bombs to protest the campus police.

Hernandez believes that colleges have played a role in the increased tension on the streets.

“Where do you think all these people get indoctrinated? I would say this has been happening on university campuses for decades,” he said.

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