9/11 memorial vandalized on campus for second year in a row

A Young Americans for Freedom 9/11 memorial was vandalized at Michigan State University for the second year in a row.

A university official condoned the act to Campus Reform.

Vandals defaced a 9/11 memorial at Michigan State University (MSU), Young America’s Foundation reported.

MSU is located in East Lansing.

The memorial was sponsored by MSU’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter as part of YAF’s annual “9/11: Never Forget Project,” which honors the 2,977 lives lost during the September attacks. It featured an American flag painted on a rock, captioned "2,977 Lives" and "Never Forget." 

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Vandals painted “461,000 Iraqi civilians" under "Never Forget," and placed red hand prints on the rock.

The act is the second time that the memorial has been vandalized, YAF claimed.

Miniature American flags had surrounded the rock, but they were reported to have been thrown into a dumpster by landscapers after the university claimed the memorial had been “abandoned.”

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Campus Reform spoke to Diversity and Inclusion Communications Manager Henry Mochida about the vandalism. 

“The Rock is an important landmark and form of expression of the MSU community,” Mochida claimed. “It is painted almost every day and there are no written rules for when the rock can be painted.”

“MSU supports freedom of speech in all forms," he continued. "We have no rules in place that would limit the speech on the rock."

Campus Reform reached out Michigan State’s YAF chapter for comment and will update accordingly.