WATCH: Student pledge 'paired woke ideology with medical ethics'

Campus Reform Correspondent Director Kate Hirzel joined Newsmax's National Report to discuss a woke oath recited by medical students.

The University of Minnesota Medical School Class of 2026 recited an oath that included references to anti-racism, climate advocacy, commitment toward indigenous ways of healing, and collaboration with political and social systems.

Campus Reform Correspondent Director Kate Hirzel joined National Report to discuss this oath. 

Hirzel explained this oath "paired woke ideology with medical ethics."

"Let's be clear. Progressive ideology doesn't make you a better healthcare provider. It's unfortunate that the university is compromising American's health by pushing a political agenda," she said.

Hirzel argued that if the students were saying this oath in public, then "we can only imagine what's happening in these classrooms behind closed doors."

She then explained that forcing students to take the oath damages their medical school experience.

"This was supposed to serve as a right of passage for these medical students," she said, "but instead it was a litmus test for students' commitment to a woke political agenda."

Watch the full video above.

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