Universities celebrate 'National Coming Out Day'

Campus Reform tracked which universities planned events to celebrate National Coming Out Day.

The LGBTQ+ holiday was celebrated Oct. 11.

Universities around the country publicly celebrated National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11. The day is an LGBT holiday in which those within the community glorify publicizing their identity.

Below are several events universities that honored the day:

University of St. Thomas—Saint Paul, MN

The University of St. Thomas Newsroom published a short article on National Coming Out Day which compiled book and film recommendations “to help provide the university community some diverse perspectives.” 

The St. Thomas LGBTQIA+ and Allies Faculty and Staff Association recommended the selections.

One of the recommended books is a 2022 memoir called "Boys and Oil" by Taylor Brorby, which describes the author’s homosexual life growing up in North Dakota. 

Another recommended book is a 2021 Young Adults novel titled "90s Kids." It was written by Savy Leiser and asks the question, “What if ‘Back to the Future’ were gayer?” 

Ithaca College—Ithaca, NY

Ithaca College announced its support for the LGBT community in an Oct. 11 tweet stating, “National Coming Out Day is October 11, celebrated during LGBT History Month. Numerous resources are available, on and off campus, to support LGBTQA+ people—today and year-round.” 

The tweet included a link to resources about National Coming Out Day. It referenced that multiple events would be held throughout the month, including “speakers” and “learning opportunities.”

One event, scheduled for Oct. 12, features Brooklyn College Political Science and Women’s & Gender Studies professor Paisley Currah. Currah is the author of "Sex is as Sex Does: Governing Transgender Identity." 

Ohio State University—Columbus, OH

The Center for Belonging and Social Change at The Ohio State University (OSU) hosted an “Out & Fabulous Photo Op” on Oct. 11. Students, faculty, and staff were invited to take a photo celebrating the day to share on social media.

At another event, participants received a “History Maker” t-shirt.

“The coming out process is exciting, challenging, scary and beautiful,” the center stated. "Knowing that every journey with the coming out process is unique, Ohio State wants to support all LGBTQ+ students in their self-discovery process."

The Center also advertised a “Resource Guide to Coming Out as Bisexual,” a sheet of “tips for coming out as asexual,” and a guide on how to come out on a university campus.

Clemson University—Clemson, SC

Clemson planned multiple events to take place over a span of several days, beginning with an optional course called “LGBTQ+ Ally Training - Awareness and Empathy” on Oct. 10.

The course aimed to train all faculty and students interested in partnering with the LGBTQ+ community. 

The events were part of the university’s “National Coming Out Week.”

Participants learned about "their own social conditioning when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community," about “sex, sexuality, and gender,” and to “understand LGBTQ+ experiences more thoroughly.” 

Yale University—New Haven, CT

Multiple Yale University groups partnered to host a “Lunch & Learn”  on Oct. 11 with Kalki Subramaniam—an Indian poet and transgender activist. 

Sponsoring groups included the Office of LGBTQ Resources, the Asian American Cultural Center, Out in the World, and the nonprofit Evergreen Story for a National Coming Out Day.

The event was open to both undergraduate and graduate and professional students.

Campus Reform contacted every university, organization and individual mentioned. This article will be updated accordingly.