WATCH: Radical progressives oppose Sasse nomination for president

Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Sturge joined "National Report" to discuss her latest man on the street video detailing student opinions of Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse as next President of the University of Florida (UF).

“I was actually very surprised most students did know who he was because they had heard about the crazy outrage on campus,” says Sturge.

Sturge says that her video “reveals that a vocal minority is trying to impose its will on the university.”

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“There are so many unheard Conservative voices on our campus that actually support Ben Sasse’s nomination,” she continued.

UF recently made an announcement stating that they would ban student protests from Sasse’s confirmation vote on November 1.

“He actually held a Q&A on our campus earlier this month and protestors went in, they interrupted, and they shut down the event,” according to Sturge.

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“Liberals, these socialist students, they had the chance to ask questions, but they chose to shout instead,” says Sturge, “they want a president who shares the same woke, far-left, crazy, socialist ideals that they do.”

She concluded that despite having “the loudest voices…this is not the majority of our student body.”

Watch the full video above.

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