WATCH: 30-year decline in education standards

Campus Reform’s Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano appeared on Centerpoint to discuss a 30-year decline in education.

Campus Reform’s Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano was a guest on Centerpoint to discuss a 30-year decline in education.

“The fact is that standards have been lowered,” says Giordano, “if we factor in the lowest standards…the proficiency levels are even lower than we could imagine.”

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The decline is exacerbated as students are cycled in and out of a failing education system, and covid-19 further revealed these inadequacies. 

"This is a tragedy that’s occurring. We’re failing these students and how long are we going to last a superpower in the world if we’re not producing people that are well-educated,” Giordano asked. “There are some really great teachers out there, but we also have a lot of ideologues within the system that’s creating a problem."

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Giordano challenges his students to think critically and understand differing viewpoints.

“It’s my job to get them to think”, says Giordano, “that’s what education was all about.”

“Education is about thought, it’s about reason, it’s about logic, it’s about thinking critically about the issues,” Giordano concluded.

Watch the full video above.

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