These universities are celebrating Transgender Awareness Week

Numerous universities will celebrate Transgender Awareness Week from Nov. 13-19.

Campus Reform compiled a list of events that will take place.

Numerous college campuses kicked off “Transgender Awareness Week” on Nov. 13, which is celebrated until Nov. 19 to recognize and advocate for the transgender community. 

Campus Reform identified multiple college campuses which planned events including open mic nights and workshops.

University of Missouri- Columbia, MO

The University of Missouri annually hosts a “Transgender Empowerment & Awareness Week” to empower transgender individuals on campus while still raising awareness for the issues these communities face.”

Hosted by the LGBTQ Research Center, the week “help[s] raise the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people,” its website claims. 

An LGBTQ Resource Center spokesperson told Campus Reform that no “physical events” were scheduled this year. Instead, it will post “information, community events, the history of [transgender awareness week], and artists to support.”

The center’s website links to previous calendars for Transgender Awareness Week which include events including movie nights, workshops on “how to express gender,” and clothing swaps.

Ohio State University- Columbus, OH

Ohio State University’s Center for Belonging and Social Change will hold its “Trans Awareness and Empowerment Week” Nov. 14-20.

On Nov. 19, the center will host a photo gallery to “bring awareness to exactly what it means to be transgender.” The display will be held in collaboration with photographer Vincent-Natasha Gay and Stonewall Columbus.

A “Transgender Day of Remembrance” will held at a local Methodist church on Nov. 20.

University of Kentucky- Lexington, KY

The University of Kentucky Office of LGBTQ* Resources planned multiple events to recognize National Transgender Awareness Week. 

The office will host a clothing exchange on Nov. 14 and a “Pride Bash” on Nov. 16. 

On Nov. 17, the office will hold a “Safe Zone Training” in the morning.

Princeton University- Princeton, NJ

Princeton University’s Gender + Sexuality Resource Center will host an open mic night on Nov. 16 to recognize “Trans Week of Liberation.”

The event invites students to share their “story or creative expressions in a night of solidarity and community.” 

University of Pennsylvania- Philadelphia, PA

The University of Pennsylvania LGBT Center planned three events to recognize Trans Awareness Week from Nov. 15-17.

The week kicks off with “Trans Day of Remembrance” on Tuesday to “honor the lives of [the] trans and non-binary community members,” followed by an Open Mic Night on Wednesday to “celebrate the diverse spectrum of gender experience through art.”

The week concludes with a “Swap & Drop” where students can donate clothes they no longer wear and ”find some new wardrobe pieces.”

Campus Reform contacted each university and office mentioned in this article and will update accordingly.

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