Student newspaper advertises Planned Parenthood

The University of Alabama student newspaper published several Planned Parenthood advertisements.

One student told Campus Reform the paper has a history of being partisan.

The University of Alabama (UA) student newspaper published several advertisements for Planned Parenthood, the Capstone Free Press reported.

The Capstone Free Press is an “independent, student-run news organization” at the school.

Photos obtained by Campus Reform show the advertisements published in both print and online issues of The Crimson White, as well as in its newsletter.

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One advertisement read “Your care is our priority” while another claimed “Planned Parenthood stands for care.” The print advertisement read “our doors are open.”

Ginger Marrow, who reported on the incident, told Campus Reform that the publication “has made little attempt to hide the political positions of its Editorial Board.”

She referred to a March 2022 article in which the Editorial Board referred to Young America’s Foundation as “an institution of bigotry and extremism.”

Another student familiar with the paper told Campus Reform the paper can run the ads because it has “so few conservative members.”

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“They do not see the downside of running ads like this in terms of credibility and potentially lost readership,” the student said.

The student explained that conservative students at the Tuscaloosa campus are “expected to repent for holding their views and not accepting the leftist agenda of nationwide abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.”

“Unfortunately, I believe the Crimson White’s ad choices only reflect a wider problem at UA," the student said.

Campus Reform contacted UA and The Crimson White for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.