This college grad had to be 'deprogrammed' from woke politics

Anabella Rockwell was told to refer to herself 'as a first-year, not a freshman' and received notes informing her to accept transgender ideology.

She unlearned wokeism, in part, by watching PragerU videos.

When students come home from college, they return hating their parents, their country, and themselves, Tucker Carlson said. 

This was the story of Anabella Rockwell, who returned from college a leftist “cult member.” 

Rockwell told Carlson that she had to be “deprogrammed” from woke politics that she learned during college.  

When Rockwell first arrived in Massachusetts, she was told to refer to herself “as a first-year, not a freshman.” Notes informing her to accept transgender ideology were also left in her mailbox, and she was encouraged to participate in a ritualistic haircut known as the “Moho chop” where “everyone would shave their head, sort of as an act of rebellion,” she told Carlson. 

She went on to explain that the curriculum in her history classes informed her that she was oppressed by the "patriarchy," and she eventually became so lost in leftist political ideology that she stopped communicating with her family. 

In response, Rockwell’s mother sought help from a cult specialist, whom she paid $300 a day.

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“I reconnected with my family, I moved home, I asked for forgiveness, I admitted I was wrong… I stopped drinking, I started to believe in God again, and lastly, I had to unlearn my four years of wokeism,” Rockwell explained. 

She unlearned wokeism, in part, by watching PragerU videos

Woke ideology has taken over university campuses in a variety of ways, as Campus Reform has reported. 

In late November, for example, alumni and students at Grove City College in Pennsylvania created a petition “calling for leadership change due to the university’s perpetuation of woke education and Critical Race Theory.” 

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been a leading topic of conversation in the woke takeover of higher education. 

A professor at Vanderbilt said “parents who oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT) are ‘ignorant racist[s].’”

Campus Reform also reported in October that Ithaca College was segregating “participants to learn about white supremacy.” 

“Participants will be segregated into ‘racial affinity groups,’ which divide white faculty and faculty who ‘identify as people of color.’ The two groups meet at separate times on different days of the week.”

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And at the University of South Florida, a program was implemented to teach students about safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people. The program was called “Safe Zone'' training. 

The program has an appendix that “includes a ‘Contract of Commitment’ of ‘allyship’ which pledges to not ‘assume anyone’s gender identity, pronouns, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, or other identities,’ ‘model inclusive language,’ and to ‘speak up, but not over those in the LGBTQ+ community,’ among others.”

Fox News and Rockwell have been contacted for comment on this story and it will be updated accordingly.