2022 in Review: Higher Education Fellows' op-eds

The Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform launched its Higher Education Fellows program this year to elevate the voices of professors and college administrators concerned about academia’s leftward shift.

This year, Campus Reform launched the Higher Education Fellows program.

Fellows educate Campus Reform’s professional and student journalists, providing them insight and subject matter expertise from their fields of study. This program adds to Campus Reform’s resources to create and mentor the next generation of conservative journalists and media professionals.

Campus Reform’s Higher Education Fellows bring their unique experiences and perspectives to expand Campus Reform’s efforts to educate the public and raise awareness of higher education policies, initiatives, programs, and theories that promote political correctness, censorship, equity, and woke culture over truth, knowledge, and academic achievement.

Below is one op-ed from each of our 2022 Fellows. 

Adam Ellwanger: Low expectations in high school undermine college success

Adam Ellwanger is a professor of English at the University of Houston - Downtown. His primary areas of expertise are rhetoric and critical theory.  

Timothy Furnish: ‘Adjunctivitis’ is undermining the purpose of higher education

Dr. Timothy Furnish is a writer, analyst, and author of five books, with over 13 years of college teaching experience. He has taught at Georgia Perimeter College, Reinhardt University, Kennesaw State University, and Norwich University.

Nicholas Giordano: Students cannot pass a basic citizenship exam: A shameful indictment of our education system

Nicholas Giordano is a professor of Political Science, the host of The P.A.S. Report Podcast, and a fellow at Campus Reform’s Higher Education Fellowship.

 Rob Jenkins: Students have no right not to be offended

Rob Jenkins is a tenured associate professor of English at Georgia State University - Perimeter College.

Ken Tashjy:  Oberlin’s $36 million payment to bakery is 'just desserts' for its administration’s misconduct

Ken Tashjy served as General Counsel for the Massachusetts Community College System for over 21 years and has taught as an adjunct instructor at Suffolk University since 2008.