Penn State professor tells straight students to watch gay porn to discover bisexuality

On December 6, Penn State professor Sam Richards held a sociology class discussion titled 'Trans Issues, TERFs, and The Binary.' During class, he told students 'we are all at some level nonbinary.'

To prove we are all bisexual he instructed students to 'watch gay and lesbian porn.'

On December 6, Penn State professor Sam Richards held a sociology class discussion titled “Trans Issues, TERFs, and The Binary.” During class, he told students “we are all at some level nonbinary." We’re all, very much, easily bisexual.” To prove we are all bisexual he instructed students to “watch gay and lesbian porn.” 

Directed towards straight men in the class, he added, "If you feel that feeling, look in a mirror, and say huh, maybe I’m just feeling some things that I’m just afraid to release. And maybe you release that and maybe you’d be surprised that maybe you actually are fine being more bisexual.” 

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The class, SOC 119, has been publicized online via a series of livestreams on Richards’ YouTube channel.

According to the university website, “Every semester 725 students register for SOC 119, the largest race and ethnic relations course in the country. In that room they have the opportunity to re-examine the world and challenge what they believe to be their place in it from a new perspective.”

In another SOC 119 lecture, Richards goes into detail about how biological women can urinate standing up, how he played a part in the gender transition of one of his students, and critically evaluated the beliefs of Christians and Muslims on the subject of homosexuality and transgenderism. 

Other class videos have discussed Free SpeechHate Speech, and Cultural Appropriation

When Campus Reform reached out to Richards for comment, he responded, “When I discuss these issues, I generally do so as a sociologist, since that shapes how I see the world. From this perspective, ‘sexuality’ is actually quite complex.” 

He continued, “I have friends/acquaintances who've spent a long time in prison and they have homosexual sex. They're ‘straight’ until they need or want intimacy and then they have homosexual sex.”

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"What I've seen in my life is that pretty much everyone can get aroused by pretty much anything sexual -- including gay sex images or videos. And once aroused, in my humble opinion, we've walked into the world of bi-sexuality or multi-sexuality," he added.

Richards concluded by emphasizing that “[n]one of this is a political statement or idea pushing for some radical gender agenda. It's just thinking sociologically and thinking outside the box.” 

According to Richards, his class has been popular among students across the political spectrum. 

Penn State was contacted for comment by Campus Reform. This article will be updated accordingly.