WATCH: The military ‘should not be in the business of feelings’

Campus Reform Correspondent Kirk George III discussed the military recruitment crisis with Steve Gruber on ‘Real America’s Voice.’

Campus Reform Correspondent Kirk George III appeared on “Real America’s Voice with Steve Gruber” to discuss how the lack of patriotism in the Gen Z population is impacting military recruitment.

Generation Z refers to the age bracket born between 1997 and 2012.

Gruber explained that the majority of young Americans have difficulty distinguishing between different military branches, struggle to answer basic civics questions, and take no pride in our national origin story.

“You tell them bad things about America over and over again and suddenly they reject America,” Gruber summarized.

George, a Coast Guardsmen, says that “the US military is really struggling right now” and has been for years because academia is not teaching about “basic rights as Americans.”

“Young Americans just can’t see what America really stands for, and its really a shame,” George says.

George stressed the importance of reversing leftist ideologies—wokeism, DEI, and identity politics—and the “need to start at the basics” of Americanism.

With respect to wokeism in the military, George emphasized that the military “should not be in the business of feelings …. The military is an uncomfortable place.”

Watch the whole video here.