CU-Boulder students protest in free speech zones outside GOP debate

Largely overlooked by the major news outlets at last night’s CNBC Republican debate were the protesters that appeared in the free speech zones outside the debate.

Campus Reform had boots on the ground during the debate and captured several images indicative of the liberal climate of Boulder, Colorado clashing with the conservative ‘aliens,’ as the citizens of the ‘People’s Republic of Boulder’ came out in massive numbers to project multiple agendas onto the conservative presidential candidates and the donors.

On what is known as Business Field at CU Boulder, caucasian Black Lives Matters protestors made a statement with an inflatable elephant with the word “racism” pasted to it, as well as a giant Donald Trump puppet.

Many protesters also shouted “Bernie 2016” and pushed anti-GOP sentiment. Several of the messages were gaged at calling the GOP ‘racist’ and ‘intolerant.’

One protester, a CU Boulder senior, took the time to speak about her motivations behind “the elephant in the room.” The student, who asked to remain anonymous, represented a group called Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

“We are associated with the elephant in the room, which is racism,” the protester stated. “We are a group that educates white people to what racism is.”

The SURJ protester, and her cohorts, made it clear what their mission is. Specifically, the group harnessed messaging that was ‘pro-Bernie Sanders’ and was also allied with the Black Lives Matter protesters.

“We ally ourselves with people of color and take appropriate actions to dismantle all racism,” she stated, adding that believes racism is an invention of white oppression.

Other groups appeared wearing “white privilege” masks while holding a banner that read “Black Lives Matter.” Clowns and a folk band also made an appearance, trashing Trump and other candidates through dance and song.

One clown mimicked the Trump campaign slogan, which reads, “Make America Great Again,” by chanting “Make America HATE Again.”

Despite the commotion, supporters of Ted Cruz and Ben Carson mingled the crowd at one point, handing out literature and debating the protestors. Among the Carson supporters were a CU student and his father who stated they think that the labels that certain protesters are prouporting are not accurate to all Republicans. They also requested to remain anonymous.

“A lot of this stuff are inaccurate generalizations,” the student stated. “In a city as liberal as this one, these generalizations are perceptions.”

“They’re entitled to say what they want, whether it’s true or not,” they said when asked if protesters are entitled to make such false statements.

Despite the overwhelming liberal reception, the Cruz and Carson supporters were adamant in standing by their messaging. Other protests at the debate included an immigration rally, pro-choice activists, and supporters of federal marijuana legalization.

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