Space Helmet professor goes on bizarre COVID rant: 'STAY THE F*** AWAY FROM ME'

This week on the Campus Countdown, Abigail Streetman discusses a bizarre Covid rant from a Ferris State professor who called his students 'selfish kids who don't give a f*** about whether grandpa lives or dies.'

On this week's episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Abigail Streetman speaks about a tenured professor who called his students “selfish” “vectors of disease” in a lengthy rant video that he published.

Barry Mehler, a Ferris State University professor has been placed on leave following a viral video in which he refers to students who attend his class in-person as "selfish kids who don’t give a sh*t whether grandpa lives or dies.”

Professor Mehler is the Director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism and the Director of the Shoah Institute at Ferris State. He is seen in the beginning of the video wearing a round glass helmet that he claims cost about $300 and that he wears to “save his life.”

Campus Reform's coverage features the full rant video, which is littered with obscene language. In it, the professor makes it very clear that he has no desire to interact with his students in a face-to-face learning environment. 

“Online learning environments would be completely universal right now if we believed that it is the best method of learning.” Says Streetman, “But, we know that most students prefer in-person learning because of the interactions and lack of distraction.”

Streetman also points to the mixed messaging from both the CDC and Dr. Fauci for causing situations like this, in which an individual is terrified of interacting with other people in public. 

“This professor is so scared to be around his own students and will probably be weary of interacting normally in public for a long time, if not the rest of his life. Imagine being a young adult in your formative years and you are told by a professor that the air we breathe is dangerous. That can have lasting impacts.

This week, Campus Reform Correspondent Johani King joins the Campus Countdown to discuss a federal lawsuit filed in Illinois against 16 universities, including many Ivy League institutions.

Streetman also analyzes college’s attempts at using MLK Day to push Democrat sponsored legislation, and a California gender professor says that “sex is also a social construct.”

Watch the episode above for full coverage on all of these stories.

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