Drag Queen Story Hour for 2 year olds?

Peter Cordi breaks down Oklahoma State University's Drag Queen Story Hour geared towards children as young as two years old.

On this week's episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Reporter Peter Cordi breaks down the controversy surrounding Oklahoma State University’s Drag Queen Story Hour geared towards children as young as two years old.

The school had two drag queens read books to children as part of the school’s Pride 2022 campaign, including the book Red: A Crayon’s Story.

“What kind of parents bring their small children to an event where grown men wear sexualized dresses and makeup? What part of sexualizing adult males to young children is appropriate, and why in the world would a university be hosting an event like this?” Cordi asks.

Other events held as part of OSU’s Pride 2022 campaign include Condom Bingo, a Pride Parade, a drag show, an event titled “Let's Talk About Gendered Restrooms: Because We All Deserve to Pee in Peace,” and a Lavender Graduation for people who identify as LGBTQ+.

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Additionally, Campus Reform Duke Correspondent Thomas Ross joins Campus Countdown to discuss dozens of universities holding segregated graduation ceremonies, separating graduation events by identity.

Cordi also discussed a conservative event that campus liberals tried to silence by reserving free tickets without the intent to show up and by tearing down or defacing flyers promoting the event.

Campus Reform received video of the Dean’s administrative assistant taking down dozens of flyers in front of the students who put them up. She claimed the students could only have one flyer per bulletin board, but when asked if that rule is posted anywhere she said that the school doesn’t feel like they have to post the rule.

Students also decided to rip down the flyers, cover them up with communist imagery, or deface them- in one case, a poster was replaced by a message reading “Antifa was here.”

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This week’s Woke Tweet of the Week comes from a Wake Forest medical student, who bragged about missing a patient’s vein with a needle when drawing blood and having to stick him twice- all because he made a joke about her pronoun pin.

The school has since investigated the incident and told Campus Reform that their review “revealed that the description of the patient encounter on social media does not reflect what actually occurred,” and that the incident was an accident.

“Even if the incident was accidental, taking to social media to brag about it is classless,” Cordi says.

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