Students celebrated 'Campus Pride Month' in April with many drag shows

Drag shows are popped up at colleges around the country this April as students celebrated Campus Pride Month.

Clemson University Vice President Christopher Miller appeared to receive a lap dance in a video posted by the Clemson College Republicans, who condemned the event.

Drag shows are popped up at colleges around the country this April as students celebrated Campus Pride Month.

Below are some of the universities that played host to drag queens last month. 

Boise State University

Boise State University’s Residence Housing Association (RHA) invited students to participate in an Apr. 12 Early 2000s Themed Drag Show. RHA is a student-led organization under Boise State’s Housing and Residence Life office.

Several students spoke out about the event including senior Jacob Jones, who told Campus Reform, “Drag should not be encouraged at Boise State." 

The school’s Turning Point USA chapter president Darby O’Connor told Campus Reform, “I don’t believe that this event is something that keeps most residential students in mind."

“I’ve heard from several friends who are on their dorm’s Hall Councils that this event was overly forced onto them by the RHA, and they’re expected to promote and create excitement for the event,” she said. “I cannot see how this event reflects or relates to the association’s mission, and that’s why it’s so off-putting.” 

Case Western Reserve University

At Case Western Reserve University, the LGBT Center and the school’s Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (oSTEM) club hosted an Apr. 8 “Rainbow Gala.”

The event was described as a "night of prom festivities & drag performances" and gave students the opportunity to perform in the drag show, equipping them with training.

Additionally, an Apr. 2 "drag workshop" was held at the school, featuring the same two drag queens performing at the gala. 

“NO prior experience is needed to be a performer, and ALL students are eligible and encouraged to perform," an Instagram caption promoting the workshop read.

Texas A&M University

At Texas A&M, student organizations hosted a sold-out Apr. 18 drag event titled “Draggieland.”

After previously funding the show, the university chose not to financially support this year's Draggieland due to the financial stability the event had garnered since its first iteration at the school two years prior.

The decision to cease funding sparked controversy on campus. The group Aggies for Liberty told Campus Reform, there is "no good reason for a liberal students money being used on a YAF event," therefore it does not make sense for "conservatives students money [to be] used on [Draggieland]."

On the other hand, a representative for Draggieland told Campus Reform that the organization is “angered” and “saddened” by the school’s decision to pull funding, but that “Campus is about to get a whole lot gayer!”

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University held its annual Dragonfly Drag Show on Apr. 7.

The school also hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour geared towards children as young as two years old featuring two drag queens who had previously performed at OSU’s Dragonfly Drag Show.

Other events held as part of OSU’s Pride 2022 included Condom Bingo, a pride parade, an event titled “Let's Talk About Gendered Restrooms: Because We All Deserve to Pee in Peace,” and a Lavender Graduation which will “celebrate the graduating LGBTQ+ students.”

Clemson University

At Clemson University’s ninth Annual Drag Show on Apr. 9, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Christopher Miller appeared to receive a lap dance in a video posted by the Clemson College Republicans, who condemned the event.

After the Clemson College Republicans spoke out against the event, Miller sent a message to the student body rebuking the club for “hateful and disrespectful” comments, as reported by The Tiger. This led to South Carolina State Senator Joshua Kimbrell penning a letter to Clemson’s Board of Trustees expressing his “deep” concern, which was obtained by Campus Reform.

Other events held as part of Clemson's Pride Week include Drag Story Hour, Pride Prom, Queer Trivia Night, and Sex Ed 101.

Campus Reform has reached out to all universities mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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