WATCH: Unhinged students lash out at reporter outside Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens event

On Mar. 22, a Turning Point USA event at Ohio State resulted in a handful of protestors attempting to shut down Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens inside and outside of the event.

Campus Reform obtained original footage of the protests and interactions that ensued.

On Mar. 22, a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) event at the Ohio State University (OSU) resulted in a handful of protestors attempting to shut down Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens inside and outside of the event, according to original footage and images taken by Campus Reform

The event in question consisted of a discussion between TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk and The Daily Wire's Candace Owens, in which the speakers discussed a variety of issues important to the conservative movement.

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Before the two speakers stepped foot on stage, however, a group of protestors stood up in the crowd in an attempt to disrupt the event. The chants, however, were quickly drowned out by attendees counter-chanting “USA!”

While the event was taking place, protestors met outside of the venue to begin their protest. Most wore face coverings and were holding signs, Campus Reform footage shows. 

One sign read, “Ohio State Won’t Stand for Hate.” 

The protestors then began their move away from the venue, chanting “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Fascism has got to go,” while briefly blocking an intersection on campus. 

After arriving at another location on campus, protestors started to notice Campus Reform's presence on campus. One protestor in particular circled this reporter with his wheelchair, asking if he was scared. 

Later on, this reporter was surrounded by protestors as they blocked the camera with their signs. 

On this reporter’s way back to the venue, a small group of protestors decided to follow the videographer back, heckling on the way.

“Come on, keep walking little b***h boy,” a protestor said to this reporter

The protester then queried, "Have you ever tried sticking your d***k in a block of tofu?"

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The protester concluded his comments with, "Next time you see me, save yourself some time and bend over b***h."

In response to the protestors, OSU’s TPUSA President Danny Philip said they helped publicize the event.

I liked to see students protesting the event,” Philip told Campus Reform. “It helped make us more popular and showed people who are on the fence, what we have to face day in and day out. All they did was embarrass themselves and help us.”

Campus Reform reached out to every individual and institution mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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