Campus Reform | Protest pandemonium: A look at the most ridiculous campus demonstrations of 2019

Protest pandemonium: A look at the most ridiculous campus demonstrations of 2019

Campus Reform narrowed down five of the most insane protests on college campuses in 2019.

This year, students and professors ambushed their campuses with a number of demonstrations.

This year, conservative students had their beliefs silenced and beaten down by their leftist classmates and professors. A survey discovered that nearly half of college students have personally experienced their own professors verbally protest President Donald Trump in class. 

Campus Reform has put together some of the wildest instances of protests on college campuses. 

1. Students call on university to ban ICE contractor from campus

After increasing demand to "abolish ICE" from leftists around the country, students at Carnegie Mellon University took it upon themselves to insist that the tech company Palantir be banned from doing business with the school because of its contract with ICE. 

This #NoTechForICE demonstration included a petition signed by more than 300 people demanding that Palantir discontinue business relations with ICE, and demanding that the school do the same with Palantir. 

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2. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Leftist students call Charlie Kirk, conservatives 'racist,' can't give any evidence

Hundreds of students at North Carolina State University gathered inside the university’s Talley Student Union to protest Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump’s speech on campus. Allegations of “racism” and “fascism” overflowed from the students, but they were not able to pinpoint any instances of either. 

After one student was asked for evidence of claims that Kirk, Trump, and Turning Point USA embodied these allegations, she told Campus Reform Correspondent Addison Smith to “go fuck yourself.” When another student bluntly exclaimed, “Fuck Charlie Kirk,” he provided reasons for saying so such as “I don’t know. Seems like a dick” and “I just don’t vibe with the guy.”


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